You can not know the type of car tires patterns

       Tires patterns types include Lateral pattern;vertical pattern;mixed pattern;snow, off-road

pattern;directional pattern and non-symmetrical pattern.

      1.Lateral pattern tires,there are Pipe, croissants, hot pepper types.

      Advantages:: Good driving and braking performance, the base pattern is not easy to crack, easy to clip stones.

      Disadvantages: rolling resistance, heat a large, slow heat is easy to empty shoulder.

      Purpose: Informal pavement (poor road surface) for light trucks and large trucks or buses rear wheel.   

      2.vertical pattern tires, there are twists and turns, and other types of serrated

      Advantages: rolling resistance, anti-slip, good heat dissipation, low noise, handling and stability at high speed, Good security.

      Disadvantages: easy to rip the base pattern, easy to clip stones, poor wear resistance.

      Purpose: road better road surface use the highway for cars, buses, trucks and light truck front wheels.

      3. mixed pattern tires, tread pattern central longitudinal shoulder to lug.

      Advantages: good skid resistance, the driving force, the braking force is good.

      Disadvantages: poor wear resistance, lug part is easy to produce abnormal wear.

      Purpose: Informal pavement for the front passenger cars, light trucks and truck use.

      4.snow, off-road pattern tires, there are off-road to tread, non-directional tread off-road.

      Advantages: driving force, braking force, good self-cleaning pattern applies to snow, the river, the muddy land.

      Disadvantages: rolling resistance, wear resistance is poor, noisy, prone to abnormal wear.

      Purpose: Suitable for snow, the river, the mud used for cars and off-road radial tires.

      5.directional pattern tires

      Advantages: high-speed performance, low rolling resistance, good acceleration, good drainage, good wet road handling performance.

      Disadvantages: high cost, pay attention to directionality tire fitting, prone to abnormal wear.

      Purpose: High-speed road used for general and high-speed passenger car radial tires all steel.

      6.non-symmetrical pattern tires

      Advantages: good lateral cornering stability, good drainage, good wet road handling and so on.

      Disadvantages: higher cost, pay attention to the inner and outer tire fitting direction.

      Purpose: High-speed road used for general and high-speed passenger car radial tires all steel.

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