No Perfect Individual, Only Perfect Teamwork

Kinforest Tyre Co., LTD organized an experiential training activities with a theme of "Improve team cohesion and execution" in Jul 4 2014, our marketing sales team all attended.

General manager Mr. Leeny Lin took part in with us, together to overcome every challenge, not only enhance our teamwork, but also fully reflected our win-win concept.

According to the requirements of the trainers, all trainees are divided into three teams, team one is "The Commandos", team two is "Long Teng", and team three is "Yue Long".

Each project requires we cooperate with each other, trust each other, inspiration each other, complete  every  target together, we never give up one of our member.

There is not allow any individualism among us, we face all the difficulty together, create our glory.

High altitude grasp of steel is a very challenging project. It us give full encouragement and support for individual plays, bring us an actively cultural atmosphere. Moreover, we learnt  only for whom has courage, confidence, perseverance and wisdom can overcome the diffictulty.

Through this activity, every colleague can fully realize the cooperation, communication, coordination, and the responsibility is important for the team. After one day training, everyone knew that not only good for our physical training, but also made our mind experience a big change. Develop individual ability is important, but it can get more effective if team became stronger, because the development of individuals depends on team development.

Cooperation, trust, unity, communication is our work spirit in the future.

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