Wonderful opening ceremony of Rio Olympic——KINFOREST

Beijing time, August 6, 2016 at 7 am, the 31st Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro famous Maracana stadium. The whole country, the opening of the highly anticipated Brazilian style is full of unique. From the sea to accommodate the global immigrants to the Amazon rainforest mysterious and magnificent, and then to the Brazilian-style unique creativity, all the proud of this element, the interpretation of the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the scene using the 2000 light gun, 3000 kg of fireworks and 109 searchlights to create a gorgeous incomparable, magnificent results, more than 10,000 athletes from around the world waving their respective national flags colorful admission . The Olympic Games a total of 206 countries and regions to participate in the number of athletes more than 10,000 people, competing for 28 projects, 306 gold medals. For the first time in the Olympic Games, a refugee delegation was present. The Olympic Games, China will have 416 athletes participating, exciting events will also be frequent battle. Kinforest also wish the Chinese athletes to achieve good results for the Chinese athletes Come on!

  As a "modified tire first brand" Kinforest, has been committed to continuously improve the tire, with excellent quality to meet the needs of major domestic and foreign customers. Although the road ahead in the foreseeable future, difficult, it is undeniable Kinforest will non-stop forward. In terms of quality, or performance, we adhering to the "no best, only better," the concept of innovation and development, to pay more satisfied with the customer's answer!

    Finally, once again wish the Olympic Games a complete success, but also wish the Chinese athletes rewarding experience. Kinforest and the Olympic counterparts, and dream forward, move forward!

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